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Masha'Allah the first AMANI Birth Online Summit was a huge success, with over 1900 attendees tuning in from 50 countries around the world!

Although the summit is technically over, the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge shared by the speakers continues!

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The AMANI Birth Online Summit is focused on providing, natural, safe, holistic based, and faith-sensitive information to both birthing women and the professionals that support them.

Our goal is to help you make more informed purposeful decisions so you can achieve an overall gentler start for both mother and baby.

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At AMANI Birth we truly believe in the power of knowledge and preparation for pregnancy and parenthood in order to provide a blessed start in life.

We are committed to helping you understand your options so you can make informed decisions about your care.

We believe every child is worth preparing for no matter if it’s your first or fifth — and each and every birth experience matters for a lifetime.

AMANI Birth has trained over 900 birth professionals across more than 20 countries and our childbirth educators and doulas have supported over 10,000 mothers to empower their own pregnancies and birth experiences! To date, mothers who have invested in AMANI Birth services have had a vaginal birth success rate of 80%!*

For the first time ever, we brought diverse experts in pregnancy and birth around the world together for this online summit so that you can learn, engage, and connect with our growing global birth community.


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Schedule, speakers, talks, workshops, or topics are subject to change. AMANI Birth will strive to ensure content and quality of the event is maintained in case of any necessary changes.

Edit: For the paid access passes, "Lifetime Access to Summit Replays" was changed to "One Year Access to Summit Replays." While we will strive to provide lifetime access as far as it is feasible, we can guarantee one year insha'Allah and the rest is by the will and plan of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala.

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